VIDEO: Switch to Solar and Save!

Video transcript:

Think you can’t afford solar for your home?

Sure, plenty of homeowners think that.

After all, if you don’t already have solar panels on your roof, you’re talking about an advanced technological upgrade. That sounds expensive.

Maybe you’ve even spoken already with other solar companies and discovered their “packages” would wind up costing you an arm and a leg.

Horizon Solar Power takes a different approach. We make sure you save money each month by switching to solar – instead of paying more out of your own pocket.

We custom design our solar systems and tailor them to each family’s specific energy use. Everyone’s different, so we avoid cookie-cutter “packages” that rope you into higher payments.

We’ll take time with you to figure out the exact solar setup you need. We’ll beat other companies’ prices, and we’ll install faster for you, too.

Horizon saves homeowners money with custom designed solar systems. If you ever thought you couldn’t afford home solar, give us a try! Reach out to Horizon Solar Power today and we’ll get you started. Our process is easy and you’ll have more money in your pocket than before.

Horizon Solar Power, Powered by Sungevity – For a Brighter Tomorrow.