Solar power systems are all the rage. Everyone has seen the ads and most of us know someone already using the sun to power their home.  So what rebates and incentives can  help homeowners take full advantage of  the mean, green money-saving machine called solar power?

It all starts with the 30-percent Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) for residential and commercial properties installing qualified solar technology. The ITC expires on December 31, 2016 so there’s still time to take advantage and no reason to wait – homeowners without sufficient tax liability for the current year can roll the credit over to the following year!

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency is a great resource for information about federal incentives and renewable energy policies. Visit them at

Residential customers have a wide range of programs and incentives that promote installation of solar power systems, energy efficient lighting and heating, pool pumps, windows, etc. To find the right program, check out

In California, the state rebate program for PG&E customers has been exhausted and the program closed. However, homeowners can still go solar for $0 down. There are many city and county programs that can help. For example, the City of Santa Monica waives permit fees for solar projects and San Bernardino County has a Green Building Incentive Program to facilitate the design, review, and inspection process for qualified photovoltaic solar projects.

Taking advantage of solar incentives can reduce the cost of installation and maximize savings. Installing a solar power system not only saves money, but it raises property values. Remember, these incentives, tax credits, and rebates have expiration dates but the sun never stops shining and neither do the solar savings!

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