Solar Panels in Dana Point

Dana Point Solar Customer Reviews

We were looking into Dana Point solar energy the Horizon solar Dana Point rep was very helpful in explaining things about it and good in answering our questions. Their Dana Point installers were very good and neat, and the solar installation timeline met our expectations.
I looked into Dana Point solar energy services before and talked to several different companies. Then I went online and entered, 'Best solar company' and Horizon came up so I contacted them. They have great software that takes a Google photo or to the house. Then they show exactly what the place that will be. They can put a plan together after they access the Southern California Edison, the averages of what it costs me and so that was fairly quick. They offered a good finance package which the interest rate was decent and brought a payment that was like 25 years finance payment of like $155, which if averaging that, my bill with Southern California Edison was like $240 so that was savings to me.

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