Solar Panel Installation in Copperopolis

Solar Panel Installation in Copperopolis

Copperopolis Solar Customer Reviews

Horizon was very patient and helpful and answered every question we had. (We had many.) After several calls between us we decided that if we are going forward with Solar in Copperopolis this is the company we want to work with.
I wanted to have my own Copperopolis solar system, and I didn’t see a better solution than Horizon. They’ve been around longer and their track record was better than the other company I was looking at. They were also more professional and their customer service was much better. They had the ability to answer questions and get back to me on-time. Plus, they made things affordable, which was an important component. They were motivated to get me to buy in, and they replaced my electric panel and gave me a roof.

Looking For Copperopolis Commercial Solar?

We custom-design a Commercial Horizon Solar Power Energy System to meet your specific power needs in Copperopolis now and into the future. It’s just a brighter way to do energy.


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