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At Horizon, we pride ourselves on not only the effectiveness of our solar energy panels, but also on our efficiency in getting your system up and running. While our competitors require up to 6 months, we average 45 days or less for a home solar install.

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Solar Installation Process

At Horizon, we pride ourselves on not only the effectiveness of our solar energy panels, but also on our efficiency in getting your system up and running. We never require more than 45 days for a full solar installation from start to finish, compared to the average 6 months required by our competitors, and we only continue to pick up speed.

Our solar installation process consists of the following steps.

Your city or county will conduct another inspection of your newly installed solar energy system before officially connecting you to the grid.

As a final step, we will submit your solar documents to your local utility company to start tracking how much solar power your system uses and produces.

You’re now officially able to start generating your own clean energy along with significant savings!

One of our technicians will visit your property to learn about your specific energy needs and assess your home. They will help you evaluate your energy savings options with a free personalized quote.

Our solar design experts will make any necessary adjustments to your design quote and will send a final agreement for your review and approval.

Once you finalize the agreement, the decided upon design will be submitted to the city for permitting.

Once the city approves the design and grants the permit is when we’re able to install your system. Our team will arrive to mount the solar panels onto your roof and install the electrical wiring along with additional equipment specified in your custom design plan such as an invertor or a meter.

Common Installation Problems

After installing over 8,000 solar energy systems on virtually every type of home, we understand the most common obstacles our customers face when installing solar—including how to avoid them.

When installing our solar panels that will provide you with clean, affordable energy for at least the next 20 years, it is important to verify that you have roofing that’s as durable and reliable as your new system. Ensuring your roof is in excellent condition and making any necessary repairs prior to installing your solar energy system will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your panels worry-free for decades to come.

Moving forward with the installation process requires you to first obtain the proper permitting from your city or county. Securing this approval entails that in addition to your roof and solar panels, all additional features on your property such as your pool, deck, etc. also be up to code. Make sure your home as a whole is up to date with permitting in order to proceed with the solar installation process.

In some instances, your home may simply not be ideal for a solar energy system. This is particularly true of properties containing a large number of trees that provide significant shade and minimal sunlight. At Horizon, we pride ourselves on accurately and honestly assessing how beneficial having solar on your property will be for you.

Solar Installation in California

With a host of sunny days, it’s no surprise that California is the national solar energy leader. In addition to favorable weather, solar energy remains on the rise in our state due to increasing affordability, growing community support, and statewide clean energy initiatives. By the year 2020, 33 percent of all California electricity will come from renewable resources, rising to 50 percent by the year 2030.

Approximately 13,942 MW of solar power are currently installed in California with enough energy to power 3.5 million homes, and this number is only expected to increase in years to come. With solar energy financial initiatives ranging from cash incentives to tax breaks to a variety of financing options, the push towards a cleaner, more affordable tomorrow is expected to continue to increase exponentially.