Solar Installation in Rosamond

Solar Installation in Rosamond

Rosamond Solar Customer Reviews

I have had a $450 power bill in Rosamond , and I decided I didn’t want any more of that. I got on the internet, and Horizon Solar was the first name to pop up on the list to have 5 stars. I called for an appointment, and about 10 days later, got a call back and had the appointment. A very nice gentleman told me about your program. I explained that I was looking for a way to run my air conditioning system and he said, “We don’t work at that way,” and he told me more about the system.
Horizon was very patient and helpful and answered every question we had. (We had many.) After several calls between us we decided that if we are going forward with Solar in Rosamond this is the company we want to work with.

Looking For Rosamond Commercial Solar?

We custom-design a Commercial Horizon Solar Power Energy System to meet your specific power needs in Rosamond now and into the future. It’s just a brighter way to do energy.


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