Solar Installation in Fowler

Fowler Solar Customer Reviews

I considered Fowler solar energy services because of my high utility bill and it was easy to enroll with Horizon Solar Power in Fowler. A solar rep came by, took my information and sent out a solar installation rep. The Horizon rep did very great too. He was very knowledgeable. The solar installation also went smoothly and quickly. The Fowler installers did a great job.
I looked into Fowler solar energy services before and talked to several different companies. Then I went online and entered, 'Best solar company' and Horizon came up so I contacted them. They have great software that takes a Google photo or to the house. Then they show exactly what the place that will be. They can put a plan together after they access the Southern California Edison, the averages of what it costs me and so that was fairly quick. They offered a good finance package which the interest rate was decent and brought a payment that was like 25 years finance payment of like $155, which if averaging that, my bill with Southern California Edison was like $240 so that was savings to me.

Looking For Fowler Commercial Solar?

We custom-design a Commercial Horizon Solar Power Energy System to meet your specific power needs in Fowler now and into the future. It’s just a brighter way to do energy.


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