Shine It Forward FAQ Overview

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Portal Overview

The Shine It Forward referral system is your online, go-to resource for viewing earned and pending commissions, retrieving and sharing your referral link, accessing brand assets and more.

How do I log in to the Shine It Forward referral system?

In your welcome email, you should receive a link to log into the referral program that you’ve enrolled in. If you have lost this email, you can log in to the dashboard at: Once signed in, you can navigate through five main sections: Dashboard, Stats, Referral Payments, Payouts and Assets. If you have forgotten or need to reset your password, you can do so at:


The main dashboard includes your activity feed and a widget to quickly share your unique referral link via email or social media channels.


This is where you can view the number of shares and clicks on your referral link, as well as the number of referrals and referral payments you’ve generated.

Referral Payment

View a list of customer referrals, as well as pending and earned payments within this section.


Referral Payouts that have been approved and paid out will be displayed here, including information on the payout amount and method. If you have questions regarding an owed payout, please reach out directly to Horizon Solar Power at 866-994-3162.

When can I expect to get paid on any of my referrals?
You will get paid for each and every installation between 2 to 3 weeks after the completed install.


If you want to share your referral link on your blog or website, this section includes assets to do so. Simply copy the HTML snippet to add it to your website, the asset is already customized with your unique referral link to properly track rewards.