Do Home Solar Panels Still Produce Electricity When it Rains?

Solar Panels Working in the Rain

California doesn’t get much rain. The state is better known for its sunshine. But it does rain from time to time, and although we don’t get asked often, we DO get people asking us if solar panels will work on a rainy day.

The answer is yes! Your solar panels will continue to produce electricity for your home even when it’s gray or rainy out.

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Infographic - Solar in the RainObviously, the more sunshine, the better. Our photovoltaic solar panels rely on that broad daylight energy to convert into usable power for your home.

But even though clouds may cover the sky, you’ll notice it’s still light enough to see. Clouds are not exactly a flannel sheet. On average, clouds, fog and mist will only block about twenty percent of the sun’s light from getting through.

Furthermore, infrared light gets through clouds even easier, and infrared light can be used by the solar panels to convert to electricity. In fact, most PV panels are efficient enough to convert nearly half of the infrared light that hits them into electricity. And infrared light makes up more than half the light that shines down on a clear day.

So, in short: yes, your solar panels will work in the rain.

If you’re thinking about going solar, now is the time. Don’t wait for spring and summer to send your electric bills up; get out in front of it and go solar now!

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