Now or Later? Don’t Wait to Install Solar Panels

Winter Solar Installation - Horizon Solar Power

Homeowners can switch their home power to solar any time they like. But did you know that most people wait until it’s already super hot outside to make the switch?

They use their air conditioners as the weather heats up, and then after a month or two of being completely astounded at how high their electric bill is, they figure maybe they should find a solution.

But if you wait until you get the year’s highest electric bills, it’s already too late.

So why wait?

Here’s why you should go solar now, before summer:

1. You’ll Start Saving Money Sooner

Did you know that we customize every solar system to make sure you save money? And on top of that, your bill stays low. There are no “surprise” rate increases like you sometimes get from utility companies. And if your utility has already switched to time-of-use billing, you may already have higher bills than last year.

Our solar systems help skirt those money-grabbers. Your new monthly solar payments will add up to less than your average monthly electric bill as it is today. And think about the next few years. With your old utility, you can bet that your bill will get bigger. With solar installed, your bill stays low, and you know exactly what you’ll be spending.

Again: why wait until you can’t afford your own power bill? Get your bill locked in low right away. The faster you act, the more money you’ll save!

2. Beat the Solar Rush

Since fewer people get solar installed in the winter or spring, that means a solar installation company can devote more time and resources to you.

You’ll get more attention, you’ll get better deals, and you’ll get faster service.

If you call Horizon Solar Power today, you can have solar installed with industry-leading speed (on average, 45 days – other companies take much longer). You’ll be prepared to cool your home all summer long.

Bonus points if you go solar in the spring and your neighbors see it in the summer. If you refer your neighbors, you can make some serious money with our referral program!

3. Stay Cool, Keep Saving

Again, our team boasts some of the fastest times to installation in the entire solar industry. We provide easy-to-understand payment options, and we handle all the complex local and state government paperwork. We walk our customers through every step of the way.

So if you get started now, you’ll have your solar power turned on in time for the summer heat.

Reach out today to Horizon Solar Power and we’ll set you up with a consultant who can tell you if your home qualifies for various incentives. We’ll let you know how much money your family can save by switching to solar.

There’s no obligation to buy – just remember that the longer you wait to go solar, the more money you lose by overpaying to your utility company!