LA Times Puts Solar On Front Page

Solar Energy Article - LA Times

For their Saturday, Aug. 3 edition, the Los Angeles Times printed a story in the main section of the front page about solar farmers in the Central Valley.

This is great because stories about solar power, and renewable energy in general, should be very important to Californians. The state government has set some very aggressive energy goals to address climate change, and – all politics aside – they deserve some credit for doing their level best to ensure that they reach those goals in ways that propel the economy rather than hinder it.

Solar Energy Article - LA Times

As California’s number one residential solar company, we naturally take an interest. But these matters affect all California residents, not just solar panel installers, so we should all pay attention. And when the state’s biggest newspaper puts it front and center on the first page, that helps elevate its importance for readers, and that’s a very good thing. The more people read about it, the more we truly understand that restructuring our entire state’s energy production model is not easy. It’s massively complex, and everything touches everything, so groups with varying interests will need to be satisfied to achieve a smart, unified approach to addressing climate change.

Some key takeaways of the article:

  • Farmers are getting on board the solar revolution by using land that is no longer good for crops to install solar panels to produce energy and sell it to utilities.
  • Major corporations are setting 100%-renewable energy goals for themselves, and these new solar farms are key to meeting them.
  • According to a report on good space for solar farms, there are 470,000 acres of “least conflict” lands in the Central Valley alone, yet only 13,000 have been used. That leaves 97.2 percent of recommended space available to develop for renewable energy production, which sets a promising table for another renewable energy boom.

Here’s a link to the digital version of the story: California farmers are planting solar panels as water supplies dry up

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