Making Solar Easy for Your Business

A Proven Solar Solution Designed to Your Unique Business Needs

How It Works

Design and Installation
Horizon Solar Power specializes in the design and installation of solar systems across all of California. Our comprehensive suite of installation solutions includes roof and ground mounts, parking lot and shade structures and metal buildings. We employ our own locally based installation teams and provide a wide range of design services managed exclusively by our in-house professional design department. The department consists of a team of design experts including a dedicated design and engineering staff, on site structural engineers, full construction/installation personnel as well as C-10 electricians.
Operations and Maintenance
We offer a full range of operations and maintenance services including Pre-Site Inspection, Solar Systems Audit, Utility Bill Analysis, System and Contract Review and Technician Services for troubleshooting maintenance issues. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist customers in filing for rebates (if available) and interconnection. We also provide customer care with lending and leasing, PPA, PACE programs as well as cash purchases.
Horizon Solar Power continually nurtures and maintains relationships with several major panel manufactures, inverter manufacturers and balance of system (BOS) suppliers throughout the United States and California. We house a large inventory or modules, inverters, and BOS systems in our warehouse facilities located in Southern California. These relationships, combined with our immediate access to materials, enable us to insure full maintenance, inspections, and technician services which provides our customers with maximum benefits through the full life of their solar system.