Happy Earth Day 2019 from Horizon Solar Power

This Earth Day we want to celebrate all the great things people all over the world are doing. There are incredible people doing incredible things to make our planet healthier, safer, and lovelier for all of us.

We’re especially grateful to all our customers who’ve switched their home’s energy source over to clean solar power. Each home that switches reduces the fossil fuel burden of producing electricity for the grid we all depend on.

We’ve provided clean energy solutions to thousands of Californians up and down the state. We couldn’t be prouder of our staff, and we couldn’t be more pleased to know that in addition to saving money, our customers are saving the planet.

If you install, for example, a 6kW solar system on your roof, you could save the planet over 6 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year.

Multiply that by, say, twenty years, you’re saving the planet over 120 metric tons of CO2.

…That’s like taking twenty-five gas-guzzling cars off the road! It may not seem like enough to make a real difference on its own, but imagine your whole neighborhood doing that much good. Imagine your whole city switching to solar. Think of the impact you could have together.

If you own your home and haven’t switched to solar yet, give Horizon Solar Power a call! We’ll make sure you can do your part to help us all create a cleaner, more affordable world.