Does Solar Really Help You Save Money?

Does Solar Help Save Money

“…If solar power is so wonderful, how come it’s so expensive?”

We hear that one a lot.

As a top California solar company, we’ve spoken to hundreds of thousands of homeowners, and we’ve heard some far-out excuses for hesitation. But in almost every case, those homeowners are flat-out wrong.

Yes, switching to solar really can save you money.

The reason homeowners tend to think that switching to solar is too expensive has a lot to do with being under-informed.

Upgrading your home to solar power can absolutely help you save money. You just need to see the complete picture.

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“Solar Panels are Too Expensive.”

We agree, solar panels can be quite pricy. But with the right set of options, your home can install solar panels and set you up to pay less per month when you add up the overall savings. Homeowners recoup those costs by paying less elsewhere.

At the end of the day, there’s more money in your pocket each month. (If having more money sounds too expensive, then we’ll have to talk about what “expensive” really means…)

That’s why we offer a range of smart pricing solutions for different homes and different families. Did you know that many homeowners pay nothing at all for us to install the panels?

We’ve got several ways for you to go solar. It’s up to you to choose the best solution, but we are happy to explain everything in detail and work with you to make sure you save money.

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“There’s too much obstruction from trees.”

This is a valid concern – your panels do need to get sunlight to operate well. Trees can obstruct the sun. Buildings or any other tall structures can do the same.

That’s where a little creativity comes into play. Our custom designs have helped many homeowners overcome the issues of shade from trees and other tall objects.

We custom design each solar panel system to each and every home, taking obstruction into account.

Solar simply won’t work with some homes because of shade, but you won’t really know without speaking to one of our consultants.

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“Solar power is too limited.”

Without expensive storage, solar power only gets you half a day’s worth of savings. After all, the sun doesn’t shine at night, right?

That’s not quite accurate.

Without storage, it’s true, solar only powers your home during the day, while the sun shines.

But here’s the thing – you’re still paying much less on your monthly bills when you switch to solar power. You get your electricity at a much, MUCH lower rate.

California customers have been hit with rate increases from traditional utilities, switching them over to time-of-use plans that crank the expenses up during the daylight hours. Solar takes that right off your bill.

When you boil it down to how much you pay each month, the savings are there. Many homeowners even report that thanks to available net metering in their area, they receive credits back from all the power they DO generate during the day! That’s not just a lower monthly payment, that’s money back to them!

Net metering is limited or unavailable in some areas, though. We can tell you if your area offers this great savings benefit.

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“Financials are too complicated.”

Boy, that’s a universal truth if ever the was one. Between intentionally confusing loan terms and government meddling, just getting the financials in order can seem more high-tech than converting sunlight into electric power!

That’s why our experienced consultants are here. We’ll handle everything for you:

  • Paperwork
  • Financing
  • Permitting
  • Setup
  • How to use your new system

Best of all, we’ll explain it so you understand everything before you sign anything.

We make it easy to set an exact monthly cost that won’t change for the next twenty years.

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“The Installation was awesome. The workers that came out and installed the panels, you hardly knew they where here. They cleaned up after themselves they were very quiet and very thorough.”

Reach out to us and we can walk you through every step of the process. We do all the hard, confusing stuff for you. If you’re ready to lock in your lowest rates for the next twenty years, click below to set your own appointment time to speak with a solar expert about your home’s specific needs.