Does Solar Help Save Money

Does Solar Really Help You Save Money?

“...If solar power is so wonderful, how come it’s so expensive?”

We hear that one a lot.

As a top California solar company, we’ve spoken to hundreds of thousands of homeowners, and we’ve heard some far-out excuses for hesitation. But in almost every case, those homeowners are flat-out wrong.

The History Of Solar Power

Today, solar power is a hot topic. We’re installing solar panels on our homes, businesses, and even making solar cars and other products powered by the sun. But what’s interesting about the use of solar power is that it’s not a recent innovation. In fact, solar history spans from the 7th Century B.C. to today!

Solar Jobs: Helping the Economy Grow

Over the last several years we’ve heard a lot about solar energy; it’s renewable, good for the environment, and who doesn’t like sunshine? We’ve also heard about how solar is helping grow our economy. But, what exactly does that mean?

Solar Rebates Solar Jobs

Solar power systems are all the rage. Everyone has seen the ads and most of us know someone already using the sun to power their home.  So what rebates and incentives can  help homeowners take full advantage of  the mean, green money-saving machine called solar power?

How Solar Power Systems Work

Solar power is a hot topic. From solar systems for the home or commercial building to solar farms, this renewable, clean, green energy source is on everyone’s mind. The biggest thing we’re all probably thinking about as consumers is: How much will this save me?