blackouts and rate hikes

Blackouts and Rate Hikes – What’s the Answer?

Wildfires in California are getting worse. Record-breaking fires have ravaged the state each year for the last three years.

So what is the solution?

Unfortunately, there are many causes, so there is no one single solution.

But there are many small solutions people can do to help. We'll get into that momentarily.

Keep reading for great news about solar power and the lower price of backup battery storage...

PG&E in New Financial Trouble (August 2019)

What's Going On with PG&E Today?

PG&E Tanks on Ruling $18 Billion in Fire Claims Can Advance

PG&E had already entered bankruptcy earlier this year. This was to help protect against paying for the 2018 Camp Fire, for which PG&E had been found liable.

Before that, state investigators determined that PG&E was NOT liable for the 2017 Tubbs fire. The Tubbs fire killed 22 people and major property damage.

But insurance lawyers and victims claim they can prove that PG&E's equipment was the cause of the Tubbs fire. And now they'll have their chance to prove it in court. A U.S. bankruptcy judge has just allowed the claims to go forward before a jury.

This means PG&E is looking at roughly $18 billion in additional legal claims.

The company is already navigating a bankruptcy. This potential liability could be catastrophic.

LA Times Puts Solar On Front Page

For their Saturday, Aug. 3 edition, the Los Angeles Times printed a story in the main section of the front page about solar farmers in the Central Valley.

This is great because stories about solar power, and renewable energy in general, should be very important to Californians. The state government has set some very aggressive energy goals to address climate change, and – all politics aside – they deserve some credit for doing their level best to ensure that they reach those goals in ways that propel the economy rather than hinder it.

The Top 5 Pros of Solar Energy (and the Top 4 Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels)

Switching to solar is a great idea, though it might seem overwhelming with all of the info out there. Never fear – it’s pretty easy to break it down to what you need to know first. This should help inform your decision on whether or not to reach out to us about solar energy for your California home.

Let’s start with the pros of solar energy. There are a ton of good reasons to begin using solar energy. Here are just a few to think about…
Solar Power Financing Options

Solar Power Financing Options For Your Home

Homeowners know it well: general maintenance and monthly utility bills get costly fast.

And your utility bills will only keep going up; throughout California, utility rates have been rising much faster than normal due to a variety of causes.

It doesn’t have to be so bad. There’s an excellent way homeowners can save money: install solar panels! It’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for your wallet, too.

But what are your financing options? Great question.
Happy Earth Day 2019 from Horizon Solar Power

Happy Earth Day!

This Earth Day we want to celebrate all the great things people all over the world are doing. There are incredible people doing incredible things to make our planet healthier, safer, and lovelier for all of us.

VIDEO: Switch to Solar and Save!

Video transcript:

Think you can’t afford solar for your home?

Sure, plenty of homeowners think that.

After all, if you don’t already have solar panels on your roof, you’re talking about an advanced technological upgrade. That sounds expensive.
Top 11 Energy Conservation Methods

Top 11 Energy Conservation Methods (How To Save Money)

Who doesn’t like extra cash in their wallet?

An easy way to save money is by applying simple, effective energy conservation methods. We do it all the time, whether we realize it or not. With a little intention and a little effort, you can really make a difference. You can off a light, you can air dry your clothes, and so on. These simple tricks lower your bills and keep more money in your pocket.

SCE Time of Use Rates and Solar Power

What Does “Time of Use” Mean for Southern California Edison Customers?

Did you receive something lately in the mail from SoCal Edison about “Time of Use” billing?

Southern California Edison has notified millions of customers in advance of this change. Eventually their entire customer base will get these notices. They’ll take customers off the traditional tiered structure, based on how much electricity they use in one month. Folks will now get Time of Use (TOU) billing, where the price of electricity changes based on the time of day.

In many areas, this is already in effect. Are you on TOU billing? Do you know whether you are or not?