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Is Solar Power For Me?

If you are a California homeowner, you must be wondering if solar is for you. If you pay over $300 dollars a month for electricity or if you turn your air conditioner on during peak summer times, then solar is for you. Being a California resident, you live in the best conditions for solar. Long summers and sunshine make California the idea place for home solar. That’s why California housing law requires all new homes be built with solar from the get-go. Now is the perfect time for you to switch your home to solar, too!

What You Need To Know About

PG&E’s Planned Blackouts

Is Solar Power Too Expensive For Me?

The technology behind solar is more affordable than ever, and here at Horizon we have multiple flexible payment options. We tailor your solar installation cost in California to what works best for you. Why wait for your electricity prices to skyrocket? Take advantage of the savings you can get by installing solar panels in your California home.

Solar Purchase

Buy your solar panel system in its entirety and INSTANTLY START SAVING MONEY on your monthly electric bill.

Solar Loan

Go solar immediately and pay off the panels over time with LOW PAYMENTS that work for your budget.

Solar PPA

Let us install the panels at NO COST upfront, and lock in predictable low energy rates.

Solar Lease

Install solar panels with NO MONEY DOWN and dramatically reduce your monthly power bill..

Horizon Solar Power Customer Review

“Horizon service has been really good in the fact that anything I’ve called them about they’ve responded in an hour or two. Everything they’ve committed to they’ve done ahead of time and they’ve kept me informed of the whole process.”

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Go Solar

Utility rates are on the rise – now more so than ever. Lock in low electricity rates by installing solar panels in California. While companies such as PG&E file for bankruptcy and raise your electricity bills, going solar can not only lower your currently monthly bill but lock you into a low rate for decades to come.

Solar Savings

Benefits of Solar Installation in California

checkmark When you lease your solar power energy system from our solar installers in California, you set a low monthly rate that locks in for the next 20 years.

checkmarkWith a solar power purchase agreement (PPA), your price per kilowatt-hour for solar energy stays steady and predictable, so you can pay for electricity as you go, and at a much lower rate!

checkmarkSolar is not a cookie-cutter solution – you can continue to live your life as you want, and we’ll customize the system and the low payments to fit your lifestyle AND save you money!

checkmarkWith a purchased system, your solar panels are yours to produce your own electricity forever, increasing your quality of life (as well as the value of your home)!

Local California Solar Installers

Horizon Solar Power is a California based solar power company with thousands of successful local installations. We use the best quality solar panels in the business and design custom solar installations based upon your family’s needs. With local solar installers in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Fresno, Oakland and the Bay Area solar installers, we are here with a team of experienced, in-house installers that get the job done the first time.

Solar Basics – How Does Home Solar Work?

Solar PanelsSolar Panels
Otherwise known as solar modules, your home’s solar panels absorb light particles called photons to convert into usable electricity in what is called a photovoltaic effect. The array of solar panels gives your home solar electricity through a solar inverter, effectively delivering the electricity your family needs.

Solar InverterSolar Inverter
Your solar inverter is a small box that converts direct current (DC) electricity that your solar panels provide into usable alternating current (AC) electricity. Also connected to the grid, your solar inverters send any solar electricity that you don’t use back for others to take in. All this is tracked by a solar meter.

Solar MeterSolar Meter
Your solar meter keeps track of how much electricity your system produces, which helps you make sure it’s producing well. With our solar systems, you can see how much electricity your panels are producing – and how much you’re using – from any mobile device, anywhere, any time.

Net MeteringNet Metering
During the day, your panels may generate more electricity than you use; you’ll know this is the case when you see your solar meter running backwards. With Net Metering programs, homeowners receive credits for this real-time electricity generation from their utility companies. Then, at night, the electricity you draw back off the grid using those credits from net metering and reducing your monthly cost.

The GridThe Grid
The American “grid” is our vast interconnected network of electrical power lines that provide cities and homes with power. Our solar systems are hooked up to the grid, meaning you can indeed still get power at night when the sun doesn’t shine. This also helps you take advantage of local and federal tax incentives and rebates.

A utility company typically provides local areas with the power they use (via the grid). Some utilities compensate solar homeowners if they’ve provided more power to the grid than they used. You can call one of our experts to find out more about your local utility company’s net metering or solar bank programs.