Solar Power Options


At Horizon Solar Power we understand that the decision to go solar is a big one, that’s why we have several options for you to make it easy for you. First, you should think about if you would rather own or lease your system. There are benefits of doing both; it depends on your financial as well as electrical needs.


When looking to own your system, you are looking to purchase your system, making payments over time, saving on your electricity bill and owning your system after a fixed amount of years.


When looking to lease a system, you are looking to save on your electricity bill and pay a fixed monthly cost for your solar system for a specified amount of time.

Power Purchase Agreement

With a Power Purchase Agreement, you pay a fixed rate for the electricity your panels produce. You only pay for the electricity your system produces each month.


A solar expert will be able to explain energy plans with different payment options to fit your financial goals. Horizon Solar Power works with third parties in order to give you financing and leasing options for your solar system, making solar energy easy and affordable.


*To qualify for financing, you need to have excellent credit (a FICO score of 680 or greater).