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Power your home with
clean solar power
Lock in Savings for the next 20 Years
Did you know that the average homeowner saves over $1,217 a year on electricity when going solar?
As electricity prices increase year over year, you can lock in
your rate with low solar payments for the next 20 years.
That means increasing savings over time.
See If Your Home Qualifies For Solar
In as little as 10 minutes, a Horizon Solar Power expert can help you determine if it makes sense for you to go solar.

Please have your last twelve months of utility bills available.

Why Horizon? We're the local leader in Solar!
With over 1,000 residential customers in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, we’re the leading the way in solar in the Inland Empire.
Over 1,000 and
With over 1,000 happy customers, we're the fastest growing Solar company located in the San Bernadino - Riverside area.
Get Started with
$0 Down
With Horizon Solar Power, you only pay for power, not the panels. Most of our clients can get started with $0 down.
Fast Service and
Amazing Support
With one of the fastest installation times in the industry and free service for life, we don’t just provide savings – we also provide peace of mind.
What some of our really happy customers
have to say about Horizon Solar Power
The best thing we ever did to our house!
"This company is the best at what they do! I would not use anyone but there services. It was so simple just like there salesman said it going to be simple and this company made it simple now we are running on the sun!"
Michael - Perris, CA
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My SCE bill is
going up by 8%
My utility bill is going
down $1,200 this year!
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You Can Save: